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Wood Burning Stoves

Everyone likes an open fire but unfortunately apart from their visual appeal they are not very efficient when it comes to heating the room as a lot of warm air disappears up the chimney. However with a wood burning or multi fuel stove you get the best of both worlds.

Stoves are an aesthetically pleasing focal point for your room, providing all of the looks as well as the cosiness of an open fire, but unlike an open fire that is estimated to be around 20 – 25% efficient a stove operates at over an 80% efficiency rate and are able to heat a much larger part of your home! Some model s can be connected to radiators and your hot water system and most have the added benefit of allowing you to boil a kettle whilst heating your home! You don’t even have to clean them as often as you would an open fire!

Even if you live within a smoke free metropolitan area you can still have a wood burning or multi fuel stove as they are so efficient in the conversion of heat and the removal of gas!

At the Victorian Fireplace we have a massive range of contemporary and traditional wood burning or multi fuel stoves. We only stock high quality brands that we would personally recommend in a range of styles to suit most pockets.

It goes without saying that all of our stoves from the reconditioned to the brand new are both environmentally friendly and a highly efficient alternative to the non renewable fossil fuels like coal and gas. That said some of our customers do not want or are unable to have a conventional stove and opt for an electric or gas model. These can be incorporated into a fireplace or used as a stand- alone feature and come with the additional benefits of remote controls which you can programme alongside a selectable thermostat!

Wood Burning Stoves